Jun 28 13 10:26 PM

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My new novel Stixx was published recently in kindle and paperback formats. It's reasonably priced and if in anyone is in the mood for a UK set vampire murder mystery, it would be great if you would check it out;


Here is the blurb;


There’s a murderer loose in Greystones, a small estuary village tucked against the wintry, wooded trails of O’Halloran Hill. The gory body count begins to rise, sending the media into an all-out feeding frenzy. The village is swamped with police and onlookers, and everybody wants to catch ‘The Vampire Killer’.

While the hunt is on James Stixx and his partner-in-crime, Faye Burns discover that beneath the surface is a whole different story, a mystery that goes back decades. The teenagers find everyone has something to lose, or secrets to bury.

And all the while the vampire is waiting … choosing its moment to strike …

"A menacing, well-written tale of horror and mystery adventure. Salem's Lot meets the Hardy Boys." ~ V.M. Zito, author of THE RETURN MAN

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