Jul 5 10 8:34 PM

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I have this space here and I thought it might be productive to use it.  

I have a few things going on, and this seems like as good a place as any to talk about them.

First of all, regarding Hippies vs Zombies:  This project, as far as the blog is concerned, will be over by the end of this month.  I am doing some on location writing towards the end of the month (assuming I do not finish before then) and have every intention of wrapping it up.  It has been a ton of fun, and considering that it all started out as a bad joke, I think it has come a long way.  But the end of the blog version is only the beginning.  Then I will be retreating from society for as long as it takes to get my revisions done and the final draft sent in to Severed Press.  In my head this should only be a matter of days.

Afterwards, I shall begin finalizing The Preposterous Baron Grill, which has been written and re-written a hundred times.  Stay tuned for more about this, as once HvZ is out of my hands I will be focusing solely on it. I am currently editing a short that takes place before the main story titled "The Right to Bear Claws".     The short may go to the blog, it may be part of the book.  I haven't decided yet and I need to talk it over with the powers that be.

Another feature I hope to start work on soon is a project called "True Stories of Dark Comedy", in which I hope to find horrific humor in real life and exploit it.  Examples of the topics I am interested in covering are internet trolls, strictly carnivorous diets, and modern grave-robbers.  I would like to find a magazine for this project to call home, but if all else fails I will post it in episodes on the blog. 

My new website is under construction, and I was told last night we can expect it within a week or so.  I am really excited about this and completely in the dark on it, other than the requests I made.

I have a musical project I am working on with a couple of buddies called Splatter Infection, which is very basic, talentless death metal.  The songs are written and just need to be recorded, but since the band is scattered throughout the country, its a lot of frustrating work.  This is something we were working on a few years ago, and I am excited to try and pick it back up, but my guitar skills, and especially my voice, are way out of practice.

I have a few more novel ideas to work out and pitch, a couple of shorts I may throw around, and I'd like to start putting together a collection of shorts that I have been sitting on for years.

That about sums up my current list of shit to do.  They are completely listed in order of priority.

Enough about me though. Be excited for upcoming novels by the other fine Severed Press authors.  They are a great bunch of guys each with their own crazy ideas, and I am absolutely honored to be considered one of the Severed Six.  

I am excited to read all of them, they cannot come out fast enough.

(Especially Demonmachy)

Thanks for your time (and soul),

J Gilliam Martin